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The Sound of Music

     As the foremost expert on all things concerning The Sound of Music, I had immense enthusiasm in my heart when NBC announced a live performance of the beloved musical last year. Tonight, I viewed the performance with both excitement and skepticism because like many people I feared (and still fear) that there are plots to remake this iconic movie. Let’s review:

     Acting: Like many people, I was a bit disappointed in the choice of Carrie Underpants to play Maria Rainer/Maria von Trapp. Her singing voice is pretty alright … for pop music, not for the stage. I know NBC wanted her star power to attract as big an audience as possible. However, this show has its own star power (not to mention enough star power from Broadway veteran Audrey McDonald and TV smexy-vamp Stephen Moyer) that it didn’t need her. Honestly, I think they should’ve cast an unknown as Maria and everything would have been better.

     Speaking of everything else, if you ignore Carrie Underwood the acting in this production is phenomenal. Uncle Max (Christian Borle of Smash and Legally Blonde the Musical fame) is sooooooooo witty and I even found myself liking the Baroness (Laura Benanti) due to her phenomenal acting. Oh and Stephen Moyer’s Captain von Trapp had more girly romanticism an googly eyes during the “Something Good” scene that I would if I met Christopher Plummer in the flesh.

     Singing: Overall, I was impressed with the singing of all parties (except Carrie Underwood, which goes without saying; let’s just pretend she was even there, okay?), even the Vampire. I was also worried that a younger (anything less than 80) Mother Abbess wouldn’t work but oh my baby jeebus Audra McDonald was pretty freaking fantastic in Climb Ev’ry Mountain.

     Costume/Set Design: Seriously, do different aspects of production not communicate? The warm colors of the set were a good choice (and the transitions between sound stages was fantastic). The costumes were fantastic too (even better than the movie). But … YOU CANT HAVE THE SAME COLOR OUTFITS AS YOUR BACKGROUND!!!!! PEOPLE BLEND IN AND DISAPPEAR!!!!! UGH!!!!! Seriously, the female actors would disappear into the background. Although it could’ve been a grand plot to make Carrie Underwood disappear into the background. Out of sight, out of mind.

     Choreography: Absolutely fantastic, especially the “Sixteen Going on Seventeen” scene.

     TL,DR; Pretend Carrie Underwood isn’t there and it was perfect. 9/10


This drive-in could be closed after 62 years of operation on December 30 if it does not go digital. Read my post on how you can save it!

Please help save the Monetta Drive-In by texting Vote52 to 444999 or voting on

I’ve spent two summers there working with some amazing people. Losing this iconic tradition of Americana would be a travesty. Upgrading to digital is the only way the big Mo can play new releases in the future (most likely starting first of next year) and a new digital projector costs around $80,000, not to mention the building upgrades needed to support the new equipment.


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